A wide range of services allow us to serve clients with custom solutions in Miami, Dade County, Monroe Count, The Keys and the South FL Area. We offer solutions in four growing markets where we have develop high levels of expertise:


Each of this markets have synergies, which allow us to bring to you the best prices and savings. In that way, we usually work with clients that require several projects from different kinds, and we offer them consolidated quotes at lower prices.

We want to list some tips we have learned from all the years of service.

  • Concrete Ready Mixes involves a lot of experiments while you find the best mix for specific zones in Florida. You don’t need to pay for this experiments, as they are part of our “know how”.
  • We have learned a lot about the best weather conditions to start the sealing-coat process for driveways and parking lots. Additionally, this conditions should last enough time, which usually needs to be calculated for each project.
  • We have learned that fences are not just about protection and privacy. They are an integral part of the property style, so we always try to find the best relation between core materials and decorations.
  • Many pools builded since our foundation taught us that we should always advise our clients about the pool’s fair proportions, which is not always easy to consider.

Thanks to all this experiences, we can offer you the best customer service from a family owned business, with the competitive prices of a big company. We encourage you to check some of our projects, as they are the trademark of our solid and professional work.

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